Email is the best way to reach me: adam[at]thisdomain.

I’m accessible via most of the standard social media sites (links are on homepage), though I’m typically most active on Infosec.Exchange (Mastadon).

If you need to reach me via an encrypted method, I am accessible via PGP/GPG, iMessage, and Signal.

My public PGP key is: 3270d15169357d8177ec914ef51948c9db5b8297. It can be directly downloaded from this site in ASCII or binary formats. It’s also available on many common key servers.

My PGP key is also used for my Keyoxide Identity Claim.

For those in the Apple universe, an iMessage can be sent to my email address. You can verify the authenticity of the destination using Apple’s Contact Key Verification system. My public verification code is: APKTIDrc33iKNWyFiGmUG5Sai-3UCAMR4RpfehUIC5Pl7DdQF-eQ

As for Signal, please reach out using one of the above methods to get my Signal number.